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Two Mayors team up for the North County

Just as two heads are better than one when it comes to problem solving, two Mayors can more effectively serve their communities when they work together. At least that’s been the experience of Mayor Steve Martin of Paso Robles CA and Mayor Tom O’Malley of Atascadero CA, life-long friends who find themselves leading the two cities of northern San Luis Obispo County. Martin and O’Malley have become emblematic of governmental teamwork. They say they’ve learned that working together for both communities makes them more than twice as effective for their constituents.

Martin and O’Malley grew up together in Atascadero in the 1960s. They were Boy Scouts, band members and high school friends. After college O’Malley remained in Atascadero while Martin relocated to Paso Robles, about 10 miles north. Fast forward more than 40 years and each finds himself the Mayor of his respective city.

O’Malley and Martin confer regularly on issues of improving city services. They have worked together for many years helping local causes and non-profit organizations. They combine their voices for a variety of issues including tourism development, water conservation, women’s shelters, homeless services and improved transportation. Both bring decades of local service and connections to their offices. Each Mayor is a champion for his city.

Hear Dos Alcaldes promote water conservation: 

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